Anti-hail nets

UV stabilised monofilaments

HDPE and PP monofilaments.

Our hail-protection nets are made of polyethylene monofilaments that have been UV stabilised and have a diameter of 0.25 to 0.30 mm.
The needs of the crops and of each structure or support’s specific characteristics are always met thanks to the variety of product types we offer.

Types of Anti-hail nets

Leno Mesh 4 x 4
GVE 4040
Colour: Crystal
Composition Warp/Weft: 4 x 4

Leno Mesh 2,6 x 4
GVE 2540
Colour: Crystal
Composition Warp/Weft: 2,6 x 4

Leno Mesh 5 x 4
GVE 5040
Colour: Crystal
Composition Warp/Weft: 5 x 4

Are you looking for a customised solution?

Customised nets.
If you can’t find the ideal measurements, we offer all types of customised solutions.


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