Producing mesh textiles since 1990


PLASTEXTIL has been producing mesh textiles since 1990, though its true inception dates back to the mid-20th century with “Industrias Els Molins”, and is located in Atzeneta d’Albaida (Valencia).

During our production process, the remnants are reclaimed for use in other subproducts, thus reducing the amount of raw material needed.

100% Green Energy.

We use 100% Green Energy and have net zero carbon dioxide emissions per kWh consumed.

Strengthening the company

Investing in production equipment, facilities and means of transport.
PLASTEXTIL has been taking the necessary steps to establish itself as the leader in the agrotextiles sector, investing in its production equipment and means of transport as well as its facilities.
At present, our team consists of 120 members working in the production, warehouse and administrative divisions, each dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs.



plant for the production of materials and fabrics.



plant for the fabrication of agro textiles.

Installed in more than 30 countries, PLASTEXTIL mesh textiles serve the agricultural industry the world over.

We work on every continent.

Our textiles are currently found in countries such as Italy, Turkey and Mexico, among others.

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