Our Quality Policy


PLAST-TEXTIL, S.L., a company dedicated to the production of agricultural mesh fabrics and protective nets for agriculture and horticulture, is dedicated to upholding the quality policy reflected in this document, with the aim of developing and improving the Management System, making a commitment to fulfil the requirements and needs of our customers.

Commitment to our customers’ crops, land and to the community

Help optimise agricultural cropland, making the process increasingly more sustainable and protecting crops from the threat of pests and the elements.
+ Develop products adapted to the needs of our customers by fabricating made-to-measure products while considering the technical demands of the cropland.
+ Be the leader of production and distribution of agricultural mesh textiles, reaching the largest cropping areas on every continent.
Meet the expectations of all involved.
+ Apply a Quality Management System that fulfils the requirements of standard UNE-EN ISO 9001.
+ Demonstrate a firm commitment to our community, forging strong ties between the company and the people.

We understand the needs and expectations of our customers, which drive us to improve continually.

Comply with regulations.
+ Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, relying on the collaboration from the industry’s technological institutes.
+ Implement and maintain the Management System, based on standard ISO 9001.
+ Perform internal assessments, demonstrating the System’s correct operation.
Establish objectives, targets and programmes.
+ Provide the necessary resources to achieve the established quality objectives.
+ Use indicators to carry out a periodic analysis of the objectives.
Customer satisfaction.
+ Understand the needs and expectations of our customers, with our only goal being to increase satisfaction through our products.
+ Respond to any possible grievance that may arise while carrying out work, allowing us to consider possible improvements in our processes.
+ Educate our staff about the importance of understanding the needs of our customers, providing improvements that ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Continually select and evaluate our suppliers.

Relationship with our suppliers.
+ Continually select and evaluate our suppliers, which allows us to offer the best products to our customers.
Worker participation
+ Train workers involved in the company’s activities, improving their skills and expertise.
+ Encourage the detection of risks and strengths in our processes and establish them as opportunities to improve.
+ Promote the participation and active involvement of our workers to optimise processes.

We use training to raise awareness and educate our workers about the environment and the respect we must have for it.

Protect the health and integrity of our workers.
+ Comply with the applicable law regarding health and safety at work.
+ Evaluate risks which workers are exposed to and which arise from performing workplace activities, with the aim of minimising them.
Environmental and community conservation.
+ Comply with the applicable law regarding the environment.
+ Train, educate and raise our workers’ awareness to respect the environment.
+ Monitor energy consumption in order to be able to apply energy efficiency to our processes and achieve sustainable energy.

The Management of PLAST-TEXTIL, S.L., hereby agrees to revise and, if needed, modify this quality guarantee regularly, ensuring that all presented sections remain in force and that all content is congruent with the company objectives as well as the expectations and needs of our customers.