Windshield nets

Protects against strong winds and salinity in cultivated land near the ocean

Offers resistance to harmful UV rays

Windshield nets are made of finely woven polyethylene monofilament threads; these mesh fabrics reduce strong winds as well as salinity in cultivated land near the ocean.
They offer a lot of durability since they are treated with materials that are resistant to harmful UV rays.

Types of Windshield nets

Windshield Mesh 6 x 6
PME 66
Colour: Crystal
Composition Warp/Weft: 6 x 6

Windshield Mesh 9 x 6
PME 96
Colour: Crystal
Composition Warp/Weft: 9 x 6

Are you looking for a customised solution?

Customised nets.
If you can’t find the ideal measurements, we offer all types of customised solutions.


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